A little about me.

Hey there! Thanks for joining me in my own little corner on the internet! My name is Alyssa (she/her). I was born and raised in a small town in Ohio, but I moved to Philadelphia 7 years ago, where I also graduated from The University of the Arts with a BFA in Musical Theatre. 

I am currently a Philadelphia-based professional actress, singer, audition coach and realtor.

My favorite thing about performing is the child-like quality of being able to "play." I love letting go, living in the moment and breathing into the fun of just being able to do this crazy job that I can't get enough of, while also getting to tell stories that need to be told. I'm a total dork and absolutely geek out about classical musical theater since that's where my love for performing started, however there is also something about contemporary screen acting that really turns my creative juices on. I like to think I bring a good mix of classical training, weirdo energy and brassy grit to every process I'm a part of.


Another thing I bring to all the work I do is an immense  amount of compassion & drive. I decided at a young age to reject society's expectations put on young creative thinkers to get a  "real job." Instead, I strive to be a role model for kids from all walks of life who dream of never working a 9-to-5 and I want to inspire young kids that you can be your own boss and live a fulfilling life doing what you LOVE! 


A few organizations I am passionate about include: Black Lives Matter, American Civil Liberties Union, The Human Rights Campaign & Women Helping Women.


In my spare time, I enjoy trying out new recipes in the kitchen, singing operettas in the shower and annoying my family and friends with text messages the length of novels. 

2010 - present

What people are saying.

"I experienced firsthand the breadth and depth of her wonderful abilities as a singing-actor. Alyssa is dedicated, willing, joyful, and talented. From the first class Alyssa’s work ethic set the tone. She is an easy, natural leader, and a generous collaborator. She is professional, playful, and incredibly smart."


                - Katie Donovan,

The University of the Arts, Head of Musical Theater


"Alyssa brought a strong sense of imagination, intellect, and commitment to her work. Alyssa thinks well and possesses a keen sensitivity to language and the nuance of the word. She bears a strong sense of self that she shares freely, impressively aware of herself and her position in the world. Her singing voice is strong and free revealing an authentic connection to both intellectual and emotional nuance."

                                      - Richard Stoppleworth,

The University of the Arts, Former Head of Musical Theater


"Alyssa is a most dedicated actress, passionate teacher, creative director, and an excellent human being. She understands the detailed differences between performing, and leading a group of performers in a collective goal. She has such a solid grip on how both worlds operate...the world view INSIDE the story and OUTSIDE of the story. On top of all of that, she maintains who she is as a good person, and exudes humbleness and warmth that makes everyone want to work with her."

                              - Gina Cerimele-Mechley,

Co-founder of Cincinnati Actor's Studio and Academy, Professional Director and SAFD Certified Teacher



"Alyssa consistently displays a positive attitude while remaining flexible, shows support for her performers and their needs, and recognizes the importance of a strong work ethic, persistence, and initiative. She is, and will continue to be, one of the most valuable members of our summer faculty and has earned the respect of both students, parents, and teachers in our building and district."

- Robin K. Picchioni, 

Artistic Director of Three Rivers Children's Theater

2010 - present

© 2017 by Alyssa Batsakis. 

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