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Alyssa Batsakis is an EMC actor, singer, youth director and teaching artist who works locally in the Philadelphia and NYC area. She holds a BFA in Musical Theater from The University of the Arts. Alyssa is a classically trained actor and legit soprano with a crude contemporary sensibility, making her easily able to adapt her performance style from stage to screen and from genre to genre. As a youth director and teaching artist, Alyssa hopes to help each individual student find their own unique artistic voice, not focusing on one teaching method, but instead allowing each student to inspire a unique approach suited for their own specific needs and desires.

Originally from the small town of Cleves, Ohio (at the south-west corner of the state), Alyssa grew up wondering what was beyond the small town with a population of only about 3,000 people. Coming from a Greek and Kentucky-rooted family she grew up infused with both European and Southern culture from a young age and because of this, Alyssa has become a brassy, quirky and unbound artist with a thirst for knowledge about the world and all of it's cultures, especially when it comes to her art-making. 

When she isn't performing or teaching, you can find Alyssa trying out new gluten free recipes in the kitchen, binge watching something on Netflix, playing with strangers' dogs in the dog park or attempting to sew something together.

A Gentleman's Guide to love and Murder

Ritz Theatre Co.

"For theatre fans who enjoy operatic vocals, this show is a must see. Musical director Michael J. Weaver worked with a trio of talented performers. Sophie Jones (as Sibella), Mariel Rosati (as Phoebe) and Alyssa Batsakis (as Miss Barley) all performed superb vocals with a challenging score."


- Kevin Stephany, Critique Compendium




"I experienced firsthand the breadth and depth of her wonderful abilities as a singing-actor. Alyssa is dedicated, willing, joyful, and talented. From the first class Alyssa’s work ethic set the tone. She is an easy, natural leader, and a generous collaborator. She is professional, playful, and incredibly smart."


                - Kati Donovan,

The University of the Arts, Head of Musical Theater


"Alyssa brought a strong sense of imagination, intellect, and commitment to her work. Alyssa thinks well and possesses a keen sensitivity to language and the nuance of the word. She bears a strong sense of self that she shares freely, impressively aware of herself and her position in the world. Her singing voice is strong and free revealing an authentic connection to both intellectual and emotional nuance."

                                      - Richard Stoppleworth,

The University of the Arts, Former Head of Musical Theater


"Alyssa is a most dedicated actress, passionate teacher, creative director, and an excellent human being. She understands the detailed differences between performing, and leading a group of performers in a collective goal. She has such a solid grip on how both worlds operate...the world view INSIDE the story and OUTSIDE of the story. On top of all of that, she maintains who she is as a good person, and exudes humbleness and warmth that makes everyone want to work with her."

                              - Gina Cerimele-Mechley,

Co-founder of Cincinnati Actor's Studio and Academy, Professional Director and SAFD Certified Teacher



"Alyssa consistently displays a positive attitude while remaining flexible, shows support for her performers and their needs, and recognizes the importance of a strong work ethic, persistence, and initiative. She is, and will continue to be, one of the most valuable members of our summer faculty and has earned the respect of both students, parents, and teachers in our building and district."

- Robin K. Picchioni, 

Artistic Director of Three Rivers Children's Theater

2010 - present
2010 - present

© 2017 by Alyssa Batsakis. 

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