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About Me

Hey I'm Alyssa (she/her) and I can't wait to play a part in helping you find your next home! 

Growing up we are taught little to nothing about owning a home & building equity. In addition, we are also taught little to nothing about how the rental or home-buying processes work, so when it's time to finally move out of our parent's house we are left in the dark.


If you are anything like me, it feels like it's hard to know who to trust and there are so many Realtors out there who claim to be "the best." My mission is to make the whole process that much simpler by navigating the leg work for you as your Real Estate Match-Maker!

I worked as a Realtor in Philadelphia, until making a move out of the city. Rather than continuing to work as a Realtor, I decided I wanted to take my reach even further and be able to help even more clients with their Real Estate needs!

Here's how it works: 

1. We connect and discuss your Real Estate goals.

2. I do research and use my connections to find some of the top Realtors in your specific area, based on your specific needs.

3. You interview some of my top choices to decide who will be the best fit for you.

4. Your new Realtor helps you & the process begins!

A Real Estate match made in heaven! 🏠💕

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Real Estate FAQs

Hot Topics & Quick Answers

I'm a first-time homebuyer. How do I get started?

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You are about to start one of the most exciting stages of your life: the home-buying process! Now let's be feels like a LOT. There is so much information out there and I am passionate about educating first time homebuyers so they can get into the home of their dreams! While home-buying isn't a one-size-fits-all process, here is a general step by step:
1. Find an Agent that is the best fit for you. This is where I come in! I help match you with perfect agent for your specific needs & wants. I want to put you with the person who I think will best help you to meet & exceed your goals! (Also: Buyer's Agents are paid their commission by the Seller so if you are a Buyer it is no extra charge to have an Agent help you through the process!...yep you heard that right! I can help you find a Realtor and the Realtor can help you find the home and it's all FREE to you!)
2. Talk with a lender about how much home you can reasonably afford & make a budget. This is also where you can really get all that information you have been wondering about, like what kind of programs & grants you qualify for. It is best to talk with a mortgage expert long before even starting the process so you get a better idea of your financial situation and feel even more confident about going into the process. It's also always best to get Pre-Approved about 3-4 months before your ideal move in date.

3. Start home-shopping! Aka. the fun part!

4. Make an offer & Negotiate. Then eventually, the offer is accepted!

5. Home Inspection

6. Mortgage is Finalized

7. Closing & you get your keys!

How much will working with
you cost me?

​Working with me as your Match-Maker is completely free to you, since I am paid by the Realtor who I ultimately end up matching you with. At the end of closing on the home when your agent gets paid, they give me a percent on that commission as a thanks for helping them get connected with you. 

 But wait...won't my agent charge me more then?

Actually no! So when you as a buyer work with a Realtor it's actually completely free of charge to you to work with your Realtor. The seller of the home you are buying pays both their own agent and your agent's commission check. This is all agreed upon before you even come into the picture when the seller signs an agreement with their Realtor (typically agreeing to pay something like 6% of the purchase price, which will ultimately be split between the seller's agent and the buyer's agent). 

What's your background/experience in Real Estate?

I'm pretty new to the RE world. My whole life I have been immersed in the performing arts world. I studied at The University of the Arts for Musical Theater and ultimately became a professional performing artist and acting coach, which I still do full time to this day. However, during the pandemic with live entertainment venues shut down, I needed to find a solid side hustle and decided to dip my toes into the RE world. I got my license and worked as a Realtor in Philadelphia from Jan 2021 until August 2021, even becoming a top rental agent at my brokerage in that short time averaging 6 sales a month. In early September my husband and I moved to the Boston area to start a new adventure and since then I decided to put my license into Referral Status, rather than do Real Estate here full time. I saw the performing arts sector opening back up and wanted to get back to what I loved. With that being said though, I still wanted to find a way to help people with the Real Estate goals, as I did become passionate about it in that sort time during the pandemic and so this side business of matching people with their ideal agent was born! I hope that my background in something other than Real Estate actually helps people to see that I am not in this for money or to "trick you." I simply am a full time artist who now has this real estate license, knowledge and the connections to help you achieve your goals! I love helping people and I hope to help you and your family very soon! :) 


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