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Recently, with professional theaters remaining closed for the unforeseeable future due to the pandemic, I have shifted my focus to doing more screen/voiceover work. I recently wrapped two commercials, a few industrial videos, some background work and a voice over project. The commercials included a national broadcast for Penn Medicine that hasn't come out yet and the other is a social media ad campaign for Aloft Hotel (Ocean City, Maryland) which you can watch here



I have been a teaching artist for over 5 years and love helping other actors reach their full potential & build confidence. I also love learning from my students and seeing all of their unique prospectives! I specialize in professional audition prep, college audition coaching, monologue prep & acting through song techniques.


All ages are welcome. Rates starting as low as $40 for an hour! 

Send me a message and we can get the conversation started!

*Currently all coaching sessions will be done via video conferencing. Students can be based anywhere in the world!


Let's talk Real Estate.

Recently, I have decided to expand my career endeavors to start providing Realtor services as well. The decision came after constantly hearing so many of my fellow actor/director friends talking about how nicely the performer & realtor careers overlapped. When the pandemic hit, closing theaters for the foreseeable future, I knew this was as good a time as any to finally take the classes and give it a shot. 

I am ecstatic with my choice so far. Being a Realtor allows me to stay my own boss all the time and make my schedule that much more flexible for performances, auditions & rehearsals. If anything, becoming a Realtor actually elevates my performance career to a whole new level and I am more excited than ever!

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